The best gun to own for the apocalypse combines reliability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. An ideal choice would be a firearm like the AR-15, known for its adaptability, accuracy, and widespread availability of ammunition and parts.

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Products and Discounts in this video

ImageProductLinkDiscount Code
Cobalt Kinetics Pro 11.5"Cobalt KineticsCOBALTWLS
Staccato PStaccatoNA
Black Rhino Concealment TCS HolsterBlack Rhino ConcealmentWLSMOFO for 10% off
Flatline Fiber Co. SlingFlatline Fiber CoWLS13 for 13% off
Flatline Fiber Co. Brace WrapFlatline Fiber CoWLS13 for 13% off
Swampfox Optics ArrowheadSwampfox OpticsWLS4EVER for 15% off
Swampfox Optics LibertySwampfox OpticsWLS4EVER for 15% off
KGM Technologies R556 SilencerKGM TechnologiesNA
Blue Alpha Battle Belt LiteBlue AlphaWLS10 for 10% off
Tactical RX GlassesTactical RXNA
Walker FiremaxBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off orders of $150+
Walker Firemax Walkie AttachmentBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off orders of $150+
True Shot Gun Club 5.56TrueShot Gun ClubWLSSHIP for $20 off a-zone rewards program & Free Shipping!
MOE Guns hoodie Digital Night CamoMOE GunsNA
The Mag Shack Lancer magazinesThe Mag ShackNA
Ironclad Exo shooting glovesAmazonNA
Cloud Defensive ReinPrimary ArmsNA
AB Suppressors Warthog 5.56 CanAB SuppressorNA
Caveman LLC FlareCaveman LLCNA
Eberlestock Bang Bang Range BagAmazonNA
Shooting Targets USA Harmonic Human TargetShooting Targets USANA
Dangerous Freedom Denim SherpaDangerous FreedomNA