The CZ Tactical Sport 2 or CZ TS2 if you’re in a hurry is a unique blend of engineering and pumpkin spice. Watch our CZ TS2 review!

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Products and Discounts in this video

ImageProductLinkDiscount Code
CZ TS2BrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Roll Your Own T-ShirtWe Like ShootingNA
Mag BasepadsSpringer PrecisionNA
Negrini Leather Pistol CaseAmazonNA
Med KitMedical Gear OutfittersWELIKESHOOTING for 11% off
Limited Edition Splatter BeltBlue AlphaWLS10 for 10% off
FCS Holster & Pouches Black Rhino ConcealmentWLSMOFO for 10% off
Lancer magsThe Mag ShackNA
Limited Edition Dixxon FlannelBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Trigger InteractiveTrigger InteractiveWLS15 for 15% off
GlassesTactical RXNA
BeanieBlue AlphaWLS10 for 10% Off
Walker Razor with WalkieAmazonNA
Starbucks Hipster CoffeeAmazonNA