Watch to the end, I always try to make it worth it. This one is a DOOZY!

I got in some of the thinnest body armor out there and I did everything I could to destroy it! Safe Life Defense Hyperline is so light and thin, do you think it will stop anything?!

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Products and Discounts in this video

ImageProductLinkDiscount Code
HYPERLINE™ Level IIIASafe Life DefenseN/A
AmmunitionTrue Shot Gun ClubWLSSHIP
Boog Nation ShirtWe Like ShootingWLSISLIFE for 10%
Safariland Quick Locking System KitAmazonN/A
Holster PouchesBlack Rhino ConcealmentWLSMOFO for 10% off
Other pouchesEsstacN/A
Scabbard FCSBlack Rhino ConcealmentWLSMOFO for 10% off
Safariland DFA Drop Flex AdaptorAmazonN/A
Dump PouchFlatline Fiber CoWLS13 for 13% off
Medical Trauma KitMedical Gear Outfitterswelikeshooting for 11% off
TQ HolderBlue AlphaWLS10 for 10% off
BeltBlue AlphaWLS10 for 10% off
SuspendersViking Tactics N/A