Join me as I dive into the heated AR-15 debate, exploring why I opt for premium rifles over budget options. From meticulous engineering to unparalleled reliability, I put the Mitchell Defense GWOT Doc to the test, pushing it through 3500 rounds over 8 months. Discover the benefits of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, and why I believe investing in a top-tier rifle is worth every penny.

You can get this rifle for $1395 if you buy the lower and upper separately and use code WLS25 for 25% 

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Products and Discounts in this video

ImageProductLinkDiscount Code
Mitchell Defense GWOT DOCMitchell DefenseWLS25
Flatline Fiber Co SlingBlue Alphamsg us.
AmmoGunMag WarehouseNA
Ironclad exo tactical glovesAmazonNA
Tactical RX GlassesTactical RXNA
HolsterBRCWLSISLIFE for 10% off
Blue Alpha Battle Belt LiteBlue AlphaMessage for code
Walker's FiremaxBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off orders of $150+
MagazinesGunMag WarehouseNA
Caveman LLC FlareCaveman LLCNA
Swampfox WarhorseBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off orders of $150+
Cloud Defensive ReinBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off orders of $150+
MDT ARCA RailGunMag WarehouseNA
Patriot CNC HandstopPatriot CNCNA
Patriot CNC Rail PanelsPatriot CNCNA
Camorado Big LuauCamoradoDFYT
Camorado WindbreakerCamoradoDFYT
Don't Radicalize Me Bro ShirtDangerous FreedomNA
Garmin XeroBattlehawk ArmoryNA
TCRT TargetsTCRT TargetsNA
Caldwell Steel TargetsMidSouthNA

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