I know that a lot of ya’ll will poopoo anything that is not the almighty HK, but there really are some overall better options if you are willing to listen. MP5 will always be the grail, but for someone that wants the whimsy of roller lock, along with the sensibility of fiscal responsibility, a PTR MP5 clone might fit the bill.

MP5 clones are here to stay and the PTR are a really solid option.

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Products and Discounts in this video

ImageProductLinkDiscount Code
Tactical RX GlassesTactical RXNA
KCI HK MP5 9mm 20-Round MagazinesGunMag WarehouseNA
JMAC Customs 1913 Adapter for MP5K and ClonesJMAC CustomsNA
JMAC Customs AB-8R with Folding Buttplate and 1913 Folding MechJMAC CustomsNA
Midwest Industries mlock handguardBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Arisaka Defense low pro forward mount BrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Axil GS Extreme Ear ProAxilWLSISLIFE
Magpul G2 Grip ModuleBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Swampfox KrakenSwampfox OpticsWLS4EVER for 15% off
Surefire M600DFBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Bowers Group Wardog K9Bowers GroupWLS for $15 off!
Steiner DBAL I2Optics PlanetNA
Flatline Fiber Co SlingFlatline Fiber CoWLS13 for 13% off
Bog DeathgripBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Tactacam hd spotterSportsman's WarehouseNA
Sightmark Latitude spotting scopeEuro OpticNA
Kopfjager Tripod BrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Vortex Fury HD 5000 binosBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Sionyx AuroraSionyxNA
RCBS Rockchucker SupremeBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
Dillon 750 XLDillon PrecisionNA
Cole-Tac tricorn bagCole-TacNA
Farrow-Tech mounting adaptorFarrowtechNA
Blue Alpha BeanieBlue AlphaWLS10 for 10% off
Ironclad exo tactical glovesAmazonNA
Brownells Dixon flannelBrownellsWLS10 for 10% off $150+
WLS T-ShirtWe Like ShootingN/A
TrueShot Gun ClubTrueShot Gun ClubWLSSHIP for $20 off a-zone rewards program & Free Shipping!
Brownells HatBrownells WLS10 for 10% off $150+
SecureIt Gun WallSecureIt Gun Storage WLS5
Titanic DVDAmazonNA
Diehard AmazonNA